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Commercial Waste Bins

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1100 Litre Bin
The most common bin for businesses, bars, restaurants & holiday parks etc. As this bin can hold more waste, it will reduce the number of empties; thus, saving the customer time and money. Waste type: General & Dry Mixed Recycling.

1100 litre

Capacity: 18-20 bags
Dead weight: 64kg
Total height: 1460mm
Total width: 1360mm
Total depth: 1050mm
Lockable: Yes
Foot brake: Yes

660 Litre Bin
Medium sized bin that is easier to manoeuvre than a 1100. It can fit through most gates and doors. Waste type: General & Dry Mixed Recycling.

660 litre

Capacity: 10-13 bags
Dead weight: 40kg
Total height: 1190mm
Total width: 1360mm
Total depth: 780mm
Lockable: Yes
Foot brake: Yes

360L Bin
Most commonly used in smaller establishments with limited waste. Companies with limited space usually tend to have multiple 360’s on site. Waste type: Food only/General/Dry Mixed Recycling.

360 litre

Capacity: 6 bags
Dead weight: 19kg
Total height: 1080mm
Total width: 580mm
Total depth: 875mm
Lockable: No
Foot brake: No

240L Bin
Most commonly used for glass or food waste, due to the weight of the waste type (usually in addition to having larger bins on site for general waste or Dry Mixed Recycling). Waste type: Glass only/Food only/General.

240 litre

Capacity: 4 bags
Dead weight: 14kg
Total height: 1060mm
Total width: 575mm
Total depth: 730mm
Lockable: No
Foot brake: No

Trade Waste Solutions have the software which enables us to:

  • Track vehicles so that we can accurately report where it is throughout the day.
  • Weigh bins on board so that we know the exact weight of each load that we tip.
  • Reduce the use of paper, a system which is both simple and environmentally friendly.
  • Email you on approach. We can notify our customers of our arrival 10 minutes beforehand so that they can ensure the bin is ready.
  • Capture all lifts on video as evidence by using onboard CCTV.